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Best vibrating massage balls for pain relief (UK) - Buying guide: 2024

In terms of variety and versatility, massage balls are one of the best options for athletes, physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists. With their help, an important myofascial release is achieved through linear and circular body movements.

More than half of the world's population uses massage as a method of pain relief, as people recognize that it is more effective than other methods of relieving discomfort. In this article, you will learn how vibrating massage balls can help your body and what you should consider when buying one wisely.

What is the best vibrating massage balls for pain relief?

Wolady - High Intensity Vibrating Massage Ball for Deep Tissue 4 Speed
  • Diameter: 9,6cm
  • Shape: Simple
  • Material: ABS
  • Power supply: 2500 mAh battery (90 minutes)
  • Speeds: 4
  • 4 different vibration modes
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Perfect for relieving pain and tension
  • For various areas of the body
  • Too hard for some people
  • Noisy vibration
If you are looking for a product to relieve back, neck and waist pain in a safe way, then you should choose the Wolady electric massage ball. Thanks to its vibrating kneading system, you will achieve myofascial release of internal muscles and trigger points. It's simple to use, just charge the battery and then rub over tired muscles.

The 15-minute auto shut-off is activated, which will help you avoid bruising and overheating of the motor. You can choose from four speed levels to gradually increase as you massage 360° in any of its three vibration modes. It's ideal for treating plantar fasciitis, neck knots and lower back pain, but be aware that the 90-minute battery life may diminish with use.

Maxgia - Electric Vibration Peanut Massage Ball for Trigger Point and Deep Tissue Massage
  • Diameter: Not specified
  • Shape: Double
  • Material: Silicone
  • Power source: 2000mAh battery (90 minutes)
  • Speeds: 5
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for trigger point therapy
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes USB charging cable
  • No diameter specified
  • Too soft for some people
The Maxgia double silicone heat massage ball is the ideal health accessory to take with you everywhere you go. You can use it at the gym, in yoga classes or at home after a long day at work. It is designed in the shape of a peanut, which helps the contact of the tines with the contours of the body, which is very useful for releasing fascia and softening deep tissue trigger points.

It has a graphene film, which is used to emit heat during the massage session, this allows you to combine vibration therapy with thermotherapy in an effective way to get better results. The battery is rechargeable and can be used for just over 4 hours with its five vibration modes to relieve stress and relax muscles. In some injuries, the contact points are not efficient.

Pulseroll - Electric vibrating Lacrosse ball for myofascial release and trigger point therapy
  • Diameter: 10,5cm
  • Shape: Simple
  • Material: Silicone, Plastic
  • Power source: Battery
  • Speeds: 4
  • Relieves tension in various areas
  • Provides stress and pain relief
  • Does not specify battery life
The best back massages are achieved with the Pulseroll electric massage ball. Thanks to its silicone and plastic material you will reach the trigger points more easily, this will help you to myofascial release and relieve pain in the back, neck and sole of the foot. But this doesn't mean you can't use it on any other contracture to relieve headaches, reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

Its design is composed with a relief suitable for physiotherapy because it allows relaxation in a short time. You can disconnect from reality by choosing any of the 4 levels of intensity and, thanks to its battery rechargeable via USB port, you can take the massage ball everywhere and use it in your free time. Please note that in some cases the battery life may be short.

Compex - Vibrating Massage Ball with back, leg and calf pain relief
  • Diameter: 8,8cm
  • Shape: Simple
  • Material: Not specified
  • Power source: Battery
  • Speeds: 4
  • Perfect for various therapies
  • Portable and cordless
  • Battery life and material not specified
The Compex vibration massage ball is the ideal product that you can't miss in your bag when you go to work or to a physical training session. This is because it is not only possible to relax the muscle structure, but also to warm up the fibres before a sports exercise. It is designed with high quality materials so that its textured finish reaches the soft tissues and stimulates blood circulation.

Its four speed levels will increase your athletic performance, as it will not affect the sensitivity of nerve branches or cause bruising to the skin. All you need to do is charge the battery via its USB port and then rub for at least 15 minutes on the affected area. Please note that as it is made of plastic it can be fragile when dropped.

TriggerPoint - Vibrating Massage Ball with 3 Speed for deep tissue and pain relief
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Shape: Simple
  • Material: Silicone
  • Power source: Battery (2 hours)
  • Speeds: 3
  • Quality materials
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Only 3 intensity settings included
Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a vibration controlled massage product of the highest quality standards. The TRIGGERPOINT battery-charged massage ball is constructed with high-density silicone to ensure that any of its three frequencies generate the most relaxing experience possible for the user. In addition, thanks to its multidirectional kneading system, it is possible to achieve myofascial release of deep tissues with great ease.

The size and the 2 hours of battery life are important aspects for comfortable portability. This means, you can use the electric massager in your free time at the office or when you are at home to treat symptoms of plantar fasciitis and pain in the cervical area. It is constructed with channels for better blood circulation, but it is possible that its hardness may be too much for beginners.

Hyperice - Vibrating Massage Ball for Muscle Recovery and Myofascial Release
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Shape: Simple
  • Material: Silicone and plastic
  • Power source: Battery (2 hours)
  • Speeds: 3
  • Quality materials
  • Portable and cordless
  • Provides stress and pain relief
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Difficult to clean
  • Too hard for some people
Use the Hyperice vibrating ball massager in your yoga classes or to warm up your muscles before a sports competition. Thanks to its wireless rechargeable battery system it is possible to use this health supplement like a real professional, you only need to rub the massage ball for 15 minutes on tired muscles. It can be used to loosen tendons, improve calf elasticity and reduce neck knots.

It is constructed of silicone and plastic to enhance the user experience and stimulate blood circulation in soft tissues. Its battery requires at least two hours of charging to reach its maximum capacity and enjoy the three speed levels. Due to the design of the contact pattern, it is possible to reduce stress and get a deep night's rest. But be aware that, the vibration may be insufficient for some muscle disorders.

Fitness Junction - Electric Peanut Vibrating Massage Ball with 4 Speed
  • Diameter: 9.5 x 17.1cm
  • Shape: Double
  • Material: Silicone
  • Power source: Battery
  • Speeds: 4
  • Easy to clean
  • For various body areas and types of massage
  • No battery life specified
The peanut shape of the Fitness Junction massage ball helps the contact plane to easily adapt to the contours of the muscles. It is made of high quality plastic and silicone to reach soft tissues. Its four vibration intensity levels stimulate blood circulation, which is essential for pain relief and faster recovery from injuries. Can be used for plantar fasciitis, low back pain and calf stiffness.

Its use is simple, just charge the battery and choose from its control panel the vibration intensity you want. Pass the wireless massager over the affected area in all directions for at least 15 minutes, after which you will begin to feel a general sense of well-being. The channels in the contact design can be insufficient for acute muscle tension disorders.

Pulseroll - Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball for myofascial release and deep tissue massage
  • Diameter: 18 x 7cm
  • Shape: Double
  • Material: Silicone, Plastic
  • Power source: Battery
  • Speeds: 4
  • For various body areas and types of massage
  • Ideal for large and small muscle groups
  • Too hard for some people
Specially designed for faster recovery from muscle injuries, the Pulseball battery operated massage ball is the ideal massager for myofascial release. It can be used for trigger point therapy and to stimulate blood circulation before and after aerobic activities. Its design allows it to be used in physiotherapy without any problem, as the silicone with which it is constructed generates the ideal density to imitate the masseur's hands.

The peanut shape adapts to the spine and the striations of the contact design stimulate the superficial tissues to relieve stress and reduce muscle stiffness. It has a powerful 4-speed motor and can reach up to 4000 percussions per minute, but be aware that this RPM can cause bruising if you are not used to deep vibrating massage. It is lightweight and easy to clean.

Hyperice - Vibrating massage ball for trigger point therapy and muscle recovery
  • Diameter: Not specified
  • Shape: Simple
  • Material: Not specified
  • Power supply: Not specified
  • Speeds: Not specified
  • Suitable for various body areas
  • For Pilates, Yoga, physiotherapy and massage
  • Provides little product data
Applying vibration massage therapy has never been easier since the Hyperice wireless ball. It is designed to be handy and reach deep into the tissues of the body for myofascial release. It can be used to treat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, stiffness in the cervical spine and also in the lower back, although it is possible to use the electric massager to improve blood circulation in the legs.

It can be used by both men and women without any problems, as its textured surface adapts precisely to the contours of the muscles. It is ideal to take with you everywhere because the size and weight will not bother you in your bag, you only need to lie down or lean against a wall to stimulate the muscles of the back and legs. Its material is long lasting, although it may have shortcomings in treating some disorders.

Comfyorthopedic - Vibrating Massage Ball for Trigger Points and Therapy Deep Tissue Massager for Back Pain
  • Diameter: Not specified
  • Shape: Textured surface
  • Material: Foam
  • Power supply: Battery Powered
  • Speeds: 4 Speed
  • Water resistance
  • Premium material
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Not specified diameter
The spiky electric massage ball massager with acupressure nodes perfectly targets sore and tight muscles on the neck, back, wrist, arm, thigh, hip, calf with 4 powerful high-intensity vibration modes. The vibrating speed ball can be used as plantar fasciitis massager and for cold pain relief therapy for fibromyalgia, neuropathy, sciatica, or nerve pain, promoting muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

The hypersphere massage ball is a must-have chiropractic tools for relieving pressure and tension. The lacrosse ball deep tissue offers an unbeatable deep massaging scraper effect on your body from feet to the spine. In addition, the massage roller balls are washable can be used for sports exercise warmup. The speed magneto spheres are best for post-recovery for vibration therapy.

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Types of massage machine products you need to know about

According to Science: How can massage therapy help improve your health?

The EuroAmerican Journal of Sport Sciences, an academic and peer-reviewed organ of the University of Murcia in Spain, continuously publishes the results of various studies on the effectiveness of myofascial massage.

One of them states that Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) temporarily ensures joint mobility, prevents muscle injuries and improves the flexibility of the fascia, a membrane that is rarely maintained by people who do not practice sports.

They had 20 young athletes, ages 18 to 30, from various disciplines massage themselves with vibrating balls to measure the effects of the balls on the body. They found that when they massaged themselves, joint range of motion (ROM) increased, unlike those who did not use these massagers as an adjunct to training.

Other studies have measured the effects on how blood circulates better in the area where it comes intocontact with stimulators such as the Foam Roller and vibration balls, so myofascial release has become a real option for treating and preventing injuries.

What are the main advantages of using electric vibrating massage balls?

Vibration is a form of micropercussion, but experts prefer to speak of it as a complementary massage technique that tends to produce relaxation of the superficial and deep tissues.

When vibration is combined with myofascial routines, these benefits are highlighted:

  • Reduces muscle tension: While the massage balls stretch the fascia and muscle fibers, the vibrations stimulate the cellular structure, facilitating recovery. The results are immediate and lasting, provided people make it a habit of life, which guarantees lasting relief.
  • Stimulates hormone production: endorphin and oxytocin are two of the hormones most present in the body during a massage. The former serves as a natural painkiller, while the latter improves muscle performance and healing processes. These benefits are achieved through the frequent use of vibrating products.
  • Prevention of adhesions: By introducing vibrations into the tissues, irregular joints and deformities that limit the body's natural movement are avoided, as well as pain that often requires deeper massage or even surgery. After surgery, massage is likely to be suggested by the specialist.
  • Reduce mental stress: Many people turn to vibration therapies to relieve pent-up energy, which manifests itself in muscle knots that injure the body and stiffen its movements. Just as the mind tenses the body, when the muscles relax, the mind begins to calm its thoughts.
  • Improve the deactivation of knots: If you're an athlete with frequent trigger points, massage and vibration balls help better control localized tension that leaves pain in certain areas of the body and the zones associated with them. An example is tension in the neck area that causes headaches. Therefore, the massage should be performed on the neck and not on the head.
  • Avoid cramps and tension: It is one thing to relieve tension and another to avoid it. To achieve the latter goal, one must be consistent and know when to massage with electric balls during the training session. Athletes use this supplement as an ally in their daily routine, which has been proven to help reduce these types of injuries.

What should you consider when choosing the best vibrating massage ball?

If you want to try massage balls as a therapeutic tool at home, this section will guide you on what to consider before making your final purchase. The idea behind this is that with these recommendations, you will have a clear idea of what kind of product you need to achieve your goals.


Traditional massage balls (without vibration) have different sizes when you buy them in a package, but electric balls don't have a standard size, they can have a diameter from 6 to 12 cm (2.5 to 5 inches).

In fact, people can use them in different ways depending on their skin color and the body parts they prefer to massage. When it comes to the back, larger balls are better to cover a larger muscle area. When it comes to targeting trigger points, smaller balls are more effective, assuming you already have experience using them to promote myofascial release and prevent injury.


The first massage balls were made of wood or metal, but when it was realized that they needed to be less hard, softer materials such as rubber, foam and high-density silicone were used.

You should always make sure that the material used by the manufacturer guarantees that it will not leave allergic reactions on the skin, and that the tips and protrusions are flexible enough to ensure depth without leaving damage to muscle tissue. Undoubtedly, checking the type of material is important to ensure the correct use of the product.

Strength of the vibrations

The strength of the vibrations determines the depth of the massage. It is not only about the strength and relaxing nature of the session, because the tissues closer to the bone structure must also be stimulated, and this depends on the frequency of vibration.

On average, a good quality stimulation ball has at least three frequencies in its strength, ranging from 48 Hz, as low strength, to 52 Hz, as medium strength, to 62 Hz, as high strength. A higher power at 62 Hz cancauseinjuries such as bruising and additional muscle tension due to excessive stimulation of the skin. Each time you begin a session, always start with the lowest power and assess your tolerance to stimulation.

Battery powered

It is undoubtedly a good investment if you buy a ball that can be recharged through a power cord plugged into your home's electrical outlet. This will ensure a uniformity of massage that you can not achieve with batteries or alkaline batteries.

With batteries, you also have an additional expense if you constantly buy these electric batteries, since their life is shorter than that of lithium batteries in modern massagers. This feature speaks for the quality of the device.

Battery life

If you choose the option of a rechargeable battery, the device will last at least one hour continuously and a maximum of four hours, depending on the brand of product. However, this does not mean that every massage session must last this long, so you should be very careful.

Depending on the muscle group and the type of application, the duration of the massage varies from 15 seconds if it is used during exercise to relieve tension, 30 seconds if you want to warm up a body part, and between one and two minutes for processes that cool down the body.

It should be noted that this type of electric ball is recommended more for individual use, unlike the percussion guns, which in their professional version are designed for more intense and collective use.


Massagers with a two-year warranty are more reliable. This varies by manufacturer and retailer, but it is always recommended to buy a product that you can be sure will be returned in case of problems with function, battery performance and intensity control.


Having a high quality and durable product is priceless. Using a professional electric ball guarantees long-lasting positive effects without damaging fascia and muscles. If you invest your money in a used product, there will be visible effects on the skin in the medium to long term and the muscular benefits will not be the same. Balls of dubious quality are extremely soft, less resistant to pressure and, if subjected to cleaning, their function can be compromised.

How to use a vibrating massage ball properly?

The expression "pleasant pain" is often used around the world because of the first sensation people feel at the beginning of a myofascial massage.

If you are a beginner, you should keep in mind some generalities:

  • Work in zones: It is not advisable to work all parts of the body at the same time with this massage product, you should always focus on specific areas of the body, because after the training session you will feel a natural fatigue and it is not advisable that it is felt all over the body.
  • It provides a break: if you need to repeat the session, it should be done after an hour of well-deserved rest, and if you are going to perform routines throughout the week, take into account that there should be at least one day of rest.
  • Adjust the pressure: Since this product offers vibrations, you can start the massage standing or sitting, depending on which part of the body you want to massage. If you want to apply more pressure, use a wall to press your body against the stimulating ball. Finally, lie down on the floor when you feel that your body can tolerate all the pressure.
  • Keep in mind the application time: most of the injuries that people report from using electric balls are due to overuse of this therapeutic tool. Therefore, throughout this article, we have left a number of suggestions on the application time for massages.
  • Use the product to avoid injury: If you manage to avoid injuries, you are actually helping to increase the strength and endurance performance of your muscles. If you remain inactive because of an injury, you will only lose all the progress you have made in training.
  • Pain management: you should know that while balls reduce pain intensity, they don't actually address the root cause of the problem. They allow the body to recover and other clinical treatments to work their magic on more severe injuries.
  • It promotes recovery: in addition to being a therapeutic treatment for minor injuries, massage with massage balls also creates space for the reactivation of muscles when you feel tired and flabby after a sports workout. This is a fundamental element if you want to avoid discomfort that can become more complicated.
  • Use as a relaxant: the only way to use the electric ball in a single session and on several parts of the body is to use it as a stress reliever. It is recommended to use the lowest vibration frequency, and you can give one or two gentle strokes with your hands.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

What ailments can be treated with a massage ball?

They are used to treat minor ailments and soft tissues such as fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. However, balls can still protect joint amplitude by stimulating these tissues.

Under no circumstances should massage be performed on open skin wounds, allergies, fungus, or severe physical injuries such as broken bones, sprains, and dislocations, which alone compromise the integrity of soft tissue. Only under the direction of a specialist can certain chronic injuries be treated when medications do not have the desired effect, and when massage does not work, surgery is often performed.

How often should I use the electric ball for pain relief?

If you need to treat only one part of the body, you can use one or two sessions per day and give yourself one day of rest per week. If you are working on several parts of the body, you can apply massages at the same time every day. Experts say that massages are similar to physical exercise, the tissues become fatigued, so you should be careful when using them to relax muscles and deactivate trigger points.

What parts of the body can be massaged with a electric ball?

The back, neck, legs and chest are the parts of the body where massage balls have the best effect. However, this product can be used on any part of the human body where there is a considerable muscle mass.

On parts such as the fingers, head and joints such as knees and ankles, it is not recommended to use this product directly. Also, superficial bone structures such as the spine should not be treated with massagers such as myofascial rollers, vibrating balls and electric roller massage balls. where should you start a massage with electric devices? In less sensitive areas such as the thighs, buttocks and upper back.

What are the contraindications for vibrating massage balls?

People need to make some considerations in order to use these devices safely. We have already mentioned that it is not ideal to massage injuries such as open wounds and broken bones, but there are other contraindications.

  • In case of osteoporosis.
  • In patients who have cancer.
  • In the first three months of pregnancy.
  • In people with immunological diseases.
  • In patients with severe circulatory problems with phlebitis.
  • Immediately after a serious injury.
  • Immediately after surgery.
  • In case of pain during massage.
  • In case you do not know how to properly apply a session.

If you don't recognize yourself in this list of contraindications for using massage balls, you should seek advice from a sports scientist, physical therapist, or family physician.

What are the differences between electric balls and myofascial massage balls?

It is obvious that the main difference lies in the vibration system that the new models offer people to provide relief from certain physical injuries. However, there are other distinct differences, such as the size, density, and price of each available model.

In conventional balls, the size is more variable so that people can give a certain massage depending on the part of the body. When you buy a pack of balls, there are at least five sizes available, with textured, pointed and smooth balls. Electric balls are usually smooth and textured rather than spiky.

Price-wise, vibration massage balls are less expensive, but it's worth it when you consider that you can give them a dedicated use for each pain area. Remember, a wise investment that you don't skimp on will guarantee you really effective massages that take care of your body.

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