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What are electric massagers and what are they used for?

What is this?

As the name suggests, these are massagers that use electric current through conventional or rechargeable batteries to generate movement and body heat that provide beneficial effects to all soft tissues, whether muscles, ligaments or tendons. The adapters or heads have been designed with anatomical shapes that can be interchanged to benefit from relief and relaxation in different areas of the body, even in the bones.

There are good quality electric massagers that guarantee results such as relaxation, elimination of muscle tension and recovery of muscle fibers at the end of an intense sports workout or a long day at work. Although no technology can replace the hand and experience of a physiotherapist, electric massagers have undoubtedly brought about a real revolution.

What are they used for?

Whether you actually use these devices depends on you and the goals you want to achieve. If you have a stressful workday where you come home every day with sore muscles in your limbs and back, electronic hand massagers will give you the relief you want by providing mobility to tight muscles.

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, these massagers are also designed for athletes and can be used in between, to warm up your body before a training session, to loosen up a muscle when it gets tight during exercise, and to prevent cramps and severe tension after you finish your training session.

How do they work?

These types ofMassage devices are very useful when you are traveling. They are practical, portable and have a short, medium and long term effect. You just need to pay attention to the duration of use, which should not exceed a total of 15 minutes per session. After that, you should take a break for three to four hours to use them again.

Since they are really silent devices, you can use them in any place and under any circumstances. You should keep in mind that these types of massagers have different strengths and speeds, and their use should be gradual until your body gets used to their effects and you start to see the benefits little by little.

Whether for pleasure or for sporting reasons, remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Pressure on the skin should also be avoided. It is enough to place the electric massager on the surface so that it gently massages the area. You will achieve good results if you continue the movements all over the body, focusing on certain areas for a longer time only when you notice that they are very tense.

Types of electric massager machine for full body

  • Electric foot massager: If you spend all day walking, you're probably looking for a way to relax your feet. Devices that produce motion and heat can prevent injuries like bursitis and plantar fasciitis caused by overuse of the lower limbs. There are special foot massagers that allow you to step onto the platform and place your feet inside, so you will feel the soothing effect.
  • Neck and shoulder massager: if you can use a small, lightweight massager, there are professional, elongated massagers that cover your entire neck, neck and shoulders, or even part of your arms and chest. Whatever you choose, they will help you regulate your body temperature and loosen any knots you may have. They are ideal to provide a relaxing effect caused by the daily stress at work.
  • Electric face massagers: they have more of an aesthetic purpose, as they are ideal to rejuvenate the facial skin. There are facial massagers that work directly on the cheekbones, nose and lower eye area, significantly reducing dark circles under the eyes. These are usually devices that vibrate and relax the muscle system in the face.
  • Massager for back and legs: there are devices that cover practically the whole body, that is, the entire back, buttocks and part of the legs. They are similar to massage chairs, but can also be used while standing. It is always advisable to buy a specific product for the area where you usually have discomfort, in this case they are excellent products for treating herniated discs.
  • Electric hand massager: this can be a massage gun or a handheld vibration device. These devices are most commonly used because they are versatile and can be used on any part of the body. You take them with you when traveling or playing intense sports, anticipating the likelihood of re-injury. They are also the most affordable massagers.
  • Shiatsu Massage Cushion: This is a versatile, portable and rechargeable model that covers the neck and part of the back and shoulders. It has the shape of a pillow, hence the name. Depending on the model, you can use it in bed, lying on the sofa or even attached to the driver's seat of your car to help relax the neck and throat while driving. It is also in demand by people whose busy schedules put a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders.
  • Vibrating massage ball: this ball helps reduce the effects of problems with the myofascial system. Fascia is a tissue that covers and protects the body's tissues and organs from head to toe. Have you heard of plantar fasciitis? This is the same tissue but located on the bottom of the foot. These are vibrating devices that act as massagers and specifically target trigger points.
  • Percussion massage gun: in percussion massage, gentle repetitive blows are applied to the body and especially to the muscles. These precise blows are designed to relax muscle fibers, improve recovery and prevent injury and are used for deep and pinpoint percussion. These electric percussion guns should not be applied to any area of the body for more than two to three seconds.
  • Electric myofascial massage roller: very similar to the classic foam roller, but this time they are made with electric components that allow them to vibrate. They are also made of different materials and textures, they can be hollow or with a soft filling. All models contribute to myofascial release, in which this tissue is stretched. You can use them on the legs, thighs, back, hips and abdomen. It is a simple but professional device.
  • Massage chair: this piece of furniture is very popular because of its positive effect on degenerative diseases and circulation. It reduces general swelling caused by fluid retention and is ideal for controlling the discomfort caused by a herniated disc. It is a mistake to think that you can spend all day on a massage chair, and you should limit the duration of the massage to a maximum of 15 minutes per session.
  • Massagers with infrared heat: infrared devices are additionally used to prepare the person before applying other, more specific massages. The penetration of infrared light into the skin layer is very small, but it is enough to raise the body temperature, open the capillaries and increase blood supply, preparing the area for the next massage.

Health benefits of electric massager machines

  • Anti-cellulite: if you perform regular massages, you can reduce the marks left by cellulite on certain parts of the body such as the waist, buttocks and legs. The technique of lymphatic drainage is used to reduce the effects of age, obesity and circulatory problems that are responsible for this feature, which mainly affects women.
  • Therapeutic: a good therapeutic massage reduces muscle fatigue, prevents cramps and facilitates the relaxation of other soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons. They are useful in sports and practical in recovering from injuries caused by trauma. When you go to physical therapy, you are aiming for a long-term result to overcome serious and chronic injuries.
  • Reducer: its function is to reduce the amount of fat located in certain areas of the body such as the abdomen, arms and thighs. It is used for aesthetic purposes when it is unhealthy to have excess pounds, both in men and women. Experts warn that it is a complementary massage that must be used in addition to physical activity and a balanced diet to achieve optimal results.
  • Muscle tone: sudden weight changes, advanced age and the natural loss of elasticity and suppleness of the skin make toning massage necessary. These massages should be performed on any area of the body. Rather than relieving pain, the goal is to reduce the sagging of soft tissue, which can be achieved by tapping massage.
  • Pain relief: the moderate pressure applied during massage relaxes tight muscles and increases blood flow to the affected area, reducing the swelling and stinging pain of the injury. With most manual techniques and electrical devices, you will feel an overall sense of relaxation and a reduction in tension.
  • Relieves muscle tension: Muscle fibers group unevenly due to overexertion and physical strain in athletes. Physical therapy professionals talk about accumulated energy in trigger points related to people's mobility. This accumulated energy is nothing more than tension in the fibers. When the tension is released, the body begins its gradual recovery.
  • Stress relief: stress relief is one of the main reasons why people turn to massage therapists, but actually it is a secondary benefit, because we have already mentioned that stress itself is related to muscle tension, but no massage will change psychological stress. Massage may not have the effect the person wants, but it may increase the likelihood that the patient will experience relief.
  • Muscle contractures: the best massagers provide powerful movements that simulate the human hand to perform deep massages that loosen the fibers of the entire affected muscle. Regardless of the type of massage, try not to exceed the suggested exposure time of 2-3 seconds to avoid complications.
  • Sports injuries: Using the same electric massager, you can use techniques to relax the affected area for minor injuries. For more complicated injuries, you should first get help from a physical therapist and then perform self-massage yourself. Why do you have to be careful? Because wrong application technique will create more pain.
  • Improving athletic performance: this type of massage has a preventive effect. What you really want is to avoid injury, which will improve the athlete's performance in the long run. A good massager will increase oxygen supply to the muscles, maintain good muscle tone, regulate body temperature and improve joint function.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue: something as simple as muscle fiber fatigue can be reduced with these electric massagers. The idea is to initiate the process of deflation and relaxation of the muscles, as a mixture of rest and massage is required to initiate recovery. Fatigue leads to fatigue, incoordination and increased stiffness, which eventually affects mobility.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery: the main goal of sports massage is to speed recovery from fatigue and minor, severe and chronic injuries. These massages can be combined with heat and cold therapy techniques, but both have different uses depending on the type of injury being treated.
  • Improving blood circulation: if you need a massage for this purpose, you should try to move the electric device in the same direction as the blood circulation in the body. This is to increase blood circulation, which will provide more nutrients to the body and the affected cells. This is an ideal massage for vascular problems.
  • Improves oxygenation of the blood: when we exercise and play sports, our body generates toxins that we need to get out of the body. Creating trigger points or retaining fluid means that using a myofascial massage increases the oxygenation of the blood and helps to eliminate these toxins.
  • Lowers blood pressure: Although there are no statistically significant effects, some patients report an improvement in their high blood pressure problems when they receive gentle massage. Techniques like acupressure and acupuncture are helpful in releasing energy in strategic areas of the body. The best part is that they are non-invasive and have been proven effective for years.
  • Facilitates sleep and rest: sleep and rest are benefits associated with massages that aim to relieve stress. This is achieved by eliminating tension localized in the neck, shoulders and back. When the mind and body are relaxed, the person can achieve a deep sleep in a short time, which helps to improve the quality of life.
  • For plantar fasciitis: cross-fiber massages are most commonly used to relieve pain in the plantar fascia caused by overexertion due to running, walking and even standing for many hours a day. This massage should last no longer than 2 to 3 minutes. Remember that excessive use of massagers on the body is contraindicated.

How to use the devices for muscle massage?

Although each battery has a duration of application, it should not be used as a basis for body massage. The maximum duration of use of these devices should not exceed 15 minutes, but this does not mean that the application must always last this long.

If the person feels discomfort, tingling, stiffness and cramps, then the massage was not applied properly. In such cases, it is better to take a break and check if the head is the right one for that part of the body, and adjust the speed of vibration if it is a tapping massage.

Remember that each head serves a purpose, with the larger balls covering more space and relaxing muscles. Ball- or cone-shaped heads allow for a deeper and more vigorous massage of larger muscle groups, such as the legs. And U-shaped heads are used to transmit vibrations to the periosteum, a membrane that covers the bones.

Application time per body area:

  • By muscle groups: Use no more than 20 or 30 seconds for each area, whether legs, arms, back, etc.
  • By individual muscles: Time should be no more than 2 or 3 seconds for each muscle.

Application before, during and after physical activity:

  • Before: When warming up, myofascial massage is often used to prepare the muscles that will perform an effort to prevent injury and strengthen areas that have been affected by previous injuries.
  • During: The application of massage during a competition or training session should be quick, just a few seconds, in order to relax the muscle, improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue in the stressed areas.
  • After: at the end of each training session, a recovery massage of the most tense areas or the areas we worked during the session is recommended, which can be complemented by the use of cold gel packs.

F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions

Are electric massagers really good and useful?

Yes, although it all depends on what your goals are. If you want to achieve a better state of relaxation, relieve pain, reduce muscle tension and minimize the risk of fatigue, these massagers are really effective.

However, if the person hopes to relieve chronic pain such as that caused by sprains, strains and bone injuries, they are less effective. People need to be aware of how far these devices will take them.

How long is the life of electronic massage devices?

The average load of a good massager is not more than 3 hours of use, which is a good average, because in no case should you spend all the time using the massager on your body. There are devices that use conventional alkaline batteries, but they usually last less than two hours.

It is always advisable to invest in devices whose batteries can be recharged using a charger. Good quality massagers can last a lifetime, while others have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. It depends on the brand and the care with which you treat it.

Are there contraindications to the use of electric massagers?

Although the use of one of these massagers offers thousands of benefits, you should know that there are certain conditions in which the use of an electric massager is not recommended, such as inflammation. Since the cause of inflammation is not always clear, you should make a diagnosis in advance.

You should also not use the device in case of physical injuries such as sprains, fractures and dislocations. In these cases it is better to rest, apply cold and heat and wait for the recovery process to accelerate. And if you like to massage your neck, watch out for dizziness. Sometimes strong and constant vibrations have this side effect. In this case, stop the massage immediately.

Are electric massagers good for weight loss?

They are not really useful for weight loss. They are perfect if you are looking for toning, skin rejuvenation and pain relief, but none of these devices will help you burn extra calories.

Is an electric massager the same as an electric muscle stimulator (EMS)?

Electric massagers are used more diversely and offer a wide range of benefits in different areas. Muscle electrostimulators or TENS units, on the other hand, are used for transcutaneous nerve stimulation and focus on pain control by creating more strength and endurance in muscle groups. So no, they are not the same.

Masseurs are used in the sports world to enhance the performance of athletes during training and competition. They activate the muscles, improve blood circulation and promote the growth of muscle mass.